Sony Released A New 36 Million Pixel Sensor

Recently, the external network has a complete spec sheet of Sony a new 36-megapixel sensor.

This is the effective pixel of the sensor IMX456AQJ For 36.4 million, it is suitable for full-frame cameras. From the parameters, this sensor may provide 16-bit raw format images, and 6k over-extended 4k video can reach 10bit 180fps (Readout 5C).

Sony Released A New 36 Million Pixel Sensor

From parameters This is a very powerful sensor, but the camera with the sensor may not be able to use all of its features, the bottleneck is the camera processor and overheating issues. According to rumors, the A7S3 may use this sensor or a modified version of this sensor, this sensor is also suitable for third-party camera manufacturers.

Sony is also said to announce a 54-megapixel full-frame sensor, a full-frame version of the A6500 sensor with a single pixel size of 4um. This sensor may be used on the A7RM4. There are currently no detailed information related to this sensor parameter.

Editor's point of view:

Never seen a high-pixel full-frame sensor with such a high reading speed. This is the first full-frame CMOS that may have 6k oversampling 4k 180fps. This time Sony can develop a "bomb" and it is inevitable that Looking forward to the appearance of A7S3.